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Can a kidney infection go away on its own?

I think I have a kidney/bladder infection. Is it serious? Can a kidney infection go away on its own?

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If infection is not severe, that can happen sometimes. But if the patient develops fever and pain, that infection won't go away unless treated.
It could go away if it is mild, if you don't have an underlying kidney or bladder disease, or urinary tract blockage or kidney stone, and if you drink lots of fluids to flush it out. Despite that, there is no guarantee of resolution. Continued caution should be exercised, and if having urinary symptoms, check with your doctor to get it treated.
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Not generally. It needs antibiotics.
Typically, a urinary tract infection needs to be treated with an antibiotic. In some occasional instances, if symptoms are very mild and the infection is in the bladder and not the kidney, and there are no other factors promoting infection, some can hydrate aggressively and what they think might be symptoms of urinary tract infection will go away. But infection in the kidney itself always needs to be treated with an antibiotic.
You need antibiotics to avoid complications