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Can a tooth cleaning procedure cause inflammation?

I underwent a tooth cleaning procedure three months back. However, after the cleaning I am left with inflammation particularly around my gums. Could it be due to the cleaning process or something else? What can I do?

6 Answers

A proper cleaning should reduce inflammation.
This can be due to more severe gum disease that you have. You should see your dentist or a periodontist.
It is possible there is an underlying gum condition that may require further evaluation with a periodontist.
You likely have more severe gum disease than what your dentist initially anticipated and the bacteria have over populated the area now. Without seeing you for a consult, it is difficult to tell you exactly what is going on, but you should consider seeing a periodontist to have your gums evaluated. Bleeding gums can cause significant bone loss around your teeth in a short time. Hope this helped.

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Go back to the office you had the cleaning at and have them examine your mouth/gums and explain your situation.
You should go back to the dentist to see what is going on. Three months is too long to let this go on.