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Can acupressure reduce blood pressure?

I am a 49 year old female. I want to know if acupressure can reduce blood pressure?

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Yes it can
Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help with cardiac health
Acupuncture combined with herbs can help reduce blood pressure. It may take multiple sessions for a while, then reducing frequency.
For cardiovascular issues, it is recommended to consult and be followed by a primary care physician or a cardiologist. Then, it is possible to consider acupressure or acupuncture as a complementary procedure to reduce blood pressure.

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It can help you to manage symptoms, but much better choice is acupuncture. Find licensed acupuncturist and discuss options.
Dr. Leila
Yes, acupuncture has been known very well to treat high blood pressure. For me, I would like to find out why you have high blood pressure in the first place. Without treating the cause you can't be truly healed.
Yes, acupuncture can.
Our body has an immune system and hormones that can be healed naturally. Even in response to various stimuli, our body has homeostasis to maintain a stable state.
Acupuncture does not directly treat high blood pressure, but it does support homeostasis in a healthy way.
Basically, the acupuncturist checks the condition of the patient's body (physical and psychical), checks deficiency parts, and supports the body's functions.
There are several factors that cause symptoms of high blood pressure, including lifestyle, family history, blood circulation problems, and vascular aging. And if you have other diseases, they will be affected.
After checking information on when high blood pressure was diagnosed if there are any medications that can be taken, and whether lifestyle balance (physical and psychical), can be guided improved treatment.
The needles stimulate the muscles, and the nerves stimulate hormones to maintain circulation in our bodies.
Good afternoon, Received. Thank you. Overall speaking, acupuncture treatment can bring the blood pressure down. But there are different causes for hypertension. Therefore, please counsel your family physician before you receive acupuncture treatment. If you shall have any questions please feel free to contact me at (562)698-3008.
Yes, acupuncture can very effectively reduce blood pressure.
Yes! Acupuncture can help to reduce blood pressure.
Yes. Acupuncture can be very effecive in lowering blood pressure.
Yes, acupuncture is so relaxing that it can help lower blood pressure. But you will need to deal with the original cause of it, and perhaps practice some relaxation techniques at home, as well.
Yes, acupuncture can reduce blood pressure.
For mild to moderate hypertension, studies show that acupuncture is usually just as effective as pharmaceuticals. For more severe hypertension, you'd want to combine acupuncture with pharmaceuticals.

Please make sure your provider has an NCCAOM national board certification and either an L.Ac. or R.Ac. state credential. Without these, you have no way of knowing their base training in Chinese medicine. To find a board certified provider in your area, you can use the 'Find a Practitioner' lookup at
It is possible, though acupressure wouldn't be my recommendation as it is the mildest stimulation of the Qi.