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Can acupuncture help ankle pain?

I have ankle pain and want to fix it. Can acupuncture help ankle pain?

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I have been successful in helping ankle pain with acupuncture.

Yes, acupuncture is a possible form of treatment for ankle pain. Studies have found that acupuncture can help reduce chronic ankle pain, pain from ankle sprains and arthritis, and improve ankle joint flexibility.check to book a consultation .
Evidence has shown that acupuncture can help with joint pain (degenerative) and with acute sport injuries. Depending on what’s the cause of your pain I will take different approaches, so is bets if you set an appointment.

You can read this article: Wrist-Ankle Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain Symptoms: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Yes, acupuncture can certainly help to relieve ankle pain and strengthen the ligaments.
Good morning, 1. Noted. Thank you. 2. Acupuncture treatment will help ankle pain, but talk to your acupuncture practitioner before you start the treatment and make sure there's no other complications causing the ankle pain ie. fracture in the ankle. David
Acupuncture can help to reduce the pain in the ankle.
yes - acupuncture helps with all kinds of aches and pains
Yes, acupuncture is often very helpful for ankle pain. Typically multiple treatments are needed for lasting effects, and this depends on the cause of the ankle pain as well as how long you've had the pain for. But most patients find acupuncture useful for recovery for ankle pain.
Yes! Whether youve broken your ankle or just merely over-stretched it acupuncture can provide relief. The prognosis will of course depend on the condition of the injury and checking with your primary care provider can definitely help with that. - Live Happy, Michael
Acupuncture will Definitely help ankle pain. I have been treating over 20 cases last year, with 90% with big improvement.
Yes! Absolutely
It depends on the reason you have the pain. If it is orthopedic, then acupuncture can help relieve the inflammation around the bone, but you need to have a doc determine WHY you have the pain. One cannot judge a treatment if you have no idea of the cause.
Yes. It can help.
Of course, see an MD and have an MRI or XRay is helpful. If there is no urgency (if nothing is broken or fractured), then see an Acupuncture Physician for treatment with ankle pain. You may just need EMS Therapy and/or a combination of therapies for pain. You may need Chinese Herbal Formulas, too, and a Wei Patch with herbs in it.
Yes, acupuncture, massage, and herbs can help relieve or treat your ankle pain.
It's usually effective for ankle pain.
Yes it can help
Dr. Leila
It is dependent on what is actually the cause of the ankle pain. It may help in some instances, but, in my opinion, acupuncture is best for nerve disorders
Depends on the cause of the pain.
Read here:
Depending on what is causing the pain, acupuncture can be extremely helpful with ankle pain.
Yes, acupuncture can help ankle pain.
Acupuncture has helped some with different conditions. I recommend you discuss with someone who performs this service for more details. This will also depend on the cause of the ankle pain. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment options
If this is long standing (chronic) pain with a known cause OR you've recently had imaging/testing done, understand the cause of the pain and there's not much conventional medicine can offer then, yes, acupuncture can probably help quite a bit.