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Can acupuncture help disc hernia pain?

I have a disc hernia and it hurts. Can acupuncture help disc hernia pain?

15 Answers

As an acupuncturist, I have good experience helping hernia pain.
Please visit any acupuncture clinic near you and get help.
Yes, acupuncture should help at least symptomatically.
Yes, definitely.
Good-afternoon, 1. Received. Thank you. 2. Acupuncture does help pain caused by disc herniation. Please contact your acupuncturist for further information. 3. If you shall have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (562)698-3008. David
Yes, absolutely. Trend Acupuncture 163 Manchester Street, Unit 2 Concord, NH. 03301 (603) 456-8294 Phone (888) 728-0046 Fax
Yes, I often treat pain from herniated disks. Find your nearest acupuncturist and start getting treatments as soon as possible. No need to live with that pain.
Yes. Massage, acupuncture and herbs can help you out for disc hernia pain gradually.
Might help with temporary pain control
Yes, acupuncture can heal up disc hernia and stop the pain.
Yes acupuncture can help with pain from disc herniations.
Yes, acupuncture can generally improve pain from a herniated disc.