Neurologist Questions Autism

Can autism ever be cured?

My son is 4 years old and is suffering from autism. Is it a permanent disorder or can it ever be cured? Please help.

5 Answers

Unfortunately there is no cure at the moment. Strides are being made and I feel great improvement in control of symptoms will come in the next few years. Hopefully, sometime later there will be regimens for complete control. Keep him under observation with a neurologist or psychiatrist that is also an Autism Doctor to be sure he gets treated as new treatments come along. It will take great effort and dedication on your part but the effort pays off and things get easier in time. Best wishes.
I know of no cases of “cure” however early intervention has proven to be very effective for many children, helping them to successfully integrate.
With therapy there can always be hope.
There is no cure, but ABA therapy can improve the disorder. Additionally, he should have an IEP/IAP through school. Recommend evaluation by Pediatric Neurology to determine if the diagnosis of Autism is correct, and also to evaluate for etiology.
Sadly, not yet.