Dentist Questions Canker Sores

Can biting my cheek cause canker sores?

I sometimes bite the inside of my teeth--not really hard. But sometimes in those areas, I get a canker sore, which makes it hard to eat. They're also quite painful. Can me biting my cheeks cause them to develop?

4 Answers

It can cause traumatic ulcers and canker sores, or viral
Yes. Biting your cheek can cause this to happen. Essentially, this is a scab on your cheek. It is extremely painful and size varies. I recommend warm salt water rinses or a OTC rinse called Rincinol to promote the healing process and decrease pain levels.
Biting your cheeks is a trauma which can be painful and can be avoided. Canker sores can be caused by some types of food, ill-fitted dentures, braces, or medical conditions. See your dentist.