Cardiologist Questions Chest Pain

Can blood pressure medication cause chest pain?

I have been taking blood pressure medication for many years, but now they are giving me chest pain. What could this be?

Male | 70 years old
Complaint duration: 2 months
Medications: micrdis
Conditions: micardis

3 Answers

I do NOT think so - chest pains can be from many causes but the two most important, especially in a person with hypertension, are angina or heart pain due to a blocked artery AND a worsening enlargement of the aorta - also called an aneurysm. The conditions can be easily determined with modern imaging methods such as Cardiac CT
Yes but this isn’t a common side effect of that Med. She should get the chest pin checked out
There are many blood pressure drugs, but it would be unlikely of any of them to cause chest pain, unless there is underlying heart disease. 


Gerald Lewis, MD