Chiropractor Questions Diabetic Neuropathy

Can chiropractic care help my diabetic neuropathy?

I've been a type 2 diabetic for years, and I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both of my feet. I heard a chiropractor, who specializes in neurological conditions, can actually help me with this issue. But I'm very confused about how? Can you please explain?

5 Answers

In some cases yes. Each case is different.
Some Chiropractic offices have cold laser therapy for treating diabetic neuropathy that have shown significant improvement for treating diabetic neuropathy. Also, those Chiropractors would put together a nutritional program for your diabetes also.
Yes, some chiropractors can help you with that. I personally use functional medicine protocols for fixing these type of issues.
You would have to inquire. Manipulation will likely not help, but I have heard of some passive modalities helping. I don't have experience in this arena nor have I seen any literature to this end. Diabetic neuropathy is best helped by lifestyle changes and blood sugar control.
Chiropractic adjustments align your joints which optimize the signals sent through nerves to the entire body including blood vessels for circulation. This along with dietary changes recommended by the Chiropractor will help reduce pain.