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Can chronic low back pain be treated without surgery?

Since my pregnancy I have been suffering from lower back pain. The pain has become very intense and leaves me restless. The doctors have suggested I may have to undergo a surgery. My baby is very small, so I wanted to know if a surgery is the only way to treat the lower back pain?

2 Answers

Lower back pain in pregnancy can be effectively treated with osteopathic treatment.Your osteopathic will treat you gently so no harm will come to the baby. I have treated many pregnant Mums sucessfully. kind regards Roseanne Shaw
Surgery is the last resort in treating lower back pain. Depending on the source of the pain your other medical history and of course the physical exam you would want to start out conservatively. It would not be unusual for you to have a mechanical component to your back pain which may have started either during your pregnancy or labor and delivery. Someone skilled in the diagnosis of mechanical back strains may be helpful. It is also likely that you have deconditioned overtime in the lumbar extension musculature which leads to recurrencies from instability . If you're not comfortable with an initial evaluation ,seek a second opinion .