Dentist Questions Discolored teeth

Can cola be the cause of discoloration in my teeth?

My teeth are starting to look discolored. I have been drinking plenty of soda and also coffee. Could these be the cause? Should I look into whitening them?

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Coffee and colas can stain your teeth, without question. More importantly, soda pops are 1 of the top causes of tooth decay and widespread cavities. They will also dissolve your enamel, causing your teeth to appear more yellow as your dentin layer begins to show through more.

You'll only need to whiten your teeth if the discolouration bothers you. Also, if you haven't had a dental cleaning for a while, the pigments in colas and coffee might be staining hardened dental plaque or "calculus" on the surfaces of your teeth.

For that reason, you'd likely want to have a dental cleaning (if needed) before whitening your teeth.
Discoloration of your teeth can be caused by food and drink. One other possibility is you may have gum issues. Sometimes when your gums are infected, the gum tissue can appear off color. Since you have a lot of gum tissue surrounding your teeth, even a slight change in gum color can make your teeth appear they are yellowing. Visit your dentist. Get your mouth checked. If there are gum issues. Please have it taken care of. Start on a good home care routine. Ask how you should be flossing. Working in dental offices, I cringe when I hear the person cleaning a patient's teeth say, "You know how to floss." Ask how you should be brushing. My experience when I clean patients' teeth is, the patient is in the chair, but the patient's mind is somewhere else. I don't know if it is boring or embarrassing. If the patient was bored, the patient would be doing home care. If the patient has made up his or her mind that I will do what I want, then that is an attitude problem. Attitude is the hardest thing to change. GETTING your teeth whitened will be done after your gums have been checked for gum disease or inflammation. Whitening your teeth when your gums are not healthy can cause gum inflammation. That is why you are advised to have your teeth checked before whitening is done. I have added more information because there are several reasons why your teeth may appear off color. I am OFFERING information to them.
Yes Cola and coffee can discolour teeth. You can whiten but make sure you don’t drink that stuff right away and follow the instructions.
Yes cola, coffee, and tea are all culprits when it comes to tooth discolorations. I would try to have your teeth professionally cleaned and if you're still not happy with the results, get a tooth whitening.
These are definitely playing a role in the discoloration. I would visit your dentist to ensure no cavities are present and have a dental cleaning prior to whitening for best results.
Those liquids could definitely cause tooth discoloration over time. A dental cleaning would be best BEFORE using a store-bought or office directed bleaching kit.
Yes. Soda can discolor your teeth. Discoloration can also be due to decay. It is important to see your dentist to check your teeth to make sure the discoloration is only staining from food or drink.
Any pigmented food will discolor your teeth. These extrinsic stains are easily removed with the whitening systems offered by dentists. Be careful with carbonated beverages as they can cause serious decay in the teeth which is far worse a problem than a little discoloration.
Yes, it can cause cavities and discoloration. Before teeth whitening, all the teeth need to be evaluated for cavities, as the whitening can spread to a cavity.
Soda, coffee, tea, and wine are among the many different beverages and foods that can cause discoloration. Easy ways to reduce the stain effect are to rinse with water after consumption, limiting the volume and duration of beverages, and home whitening routines.
It can discolor enamel on the outside, not internally in the enamel.
"Sodas" and colas demineralize the white enamel, thinning the enamel, allowing the underlying dark dentin to show through. Coffee stains enamel. Cut out drinking demineralizing drinks and coffee.
The caramelized natural carbonation in addition to the massive amount of sugar in Cola leave a film that is very tenacious and must be removed by proper brushing if you consume between meals.