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Can dental bridges cause bad breath?

I got a dental bridge 2 weeks ago. After that, I have bad breath. Can dental bridges cause bad breath?

4 Answers

Yes, The condition is called halitosis. Its caused by the decomposition of organic materials (sulfur-like odor) not cleaned out from under dental work and/or the metabolism waste products of the bacterial flora that naturally exists in the mouth. Breath fresheners and good oral hygiene are the best solutions.
Yes, if you don’t clean under the Pontic or have decay or gum disease
Yes if you don't clean them thoroughly.
The most common cause of bad breath related to a dental bridge would be food and dental plaque trapping around and under the bridge tooth/teeth. If this food is left to stagnate, it can produce an awful taste and/or odour.

You can try using a waterpik or elbow syringe (available at Walmart or Shopper's Drug Mart or any local pharmacy), to rinse under and around your bridge tooth.