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Can dental implants get infected years later?

I am a 43 year old male. I wonder if dental implants can get infected years later?

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Infections around implants can occur at any age.
Yes! How have you been cleaning the implant(s)? Have you been getting professional cleanings?
Yes, that is a possibility. Implants have a great track record and a high chance of success over a long time. But things happen. If your oral hygiene habits decline, you will not only be more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease, but any implants could be threatened as well. Certain foods could damage implants if they are lodged beneath the implant crowns (popcorn!), and a change in overall health can affect implants' longevity as well. High blood sugars (uncontrolled diabetes) can affect all of the body and lead to implant loss. And smoking is a definite no-no. The jury is still out regarding vaping, but I wouldn't risk it. It has definite overall health effects. Anything that abuses your body in general can certainly be bad for implants. Often, people need implants to correct tooth loss that occurred because of neglect. If those habits remain or resurface, implants will be jeopardized. Let's face it. Nothing is permanent. We aren't permanent. But with good care, implants can last a long time, often, a lifetime.

Michael A. Conrad, DDS, PC
Dental implants are more susceptible to gum disease than teeth because the gums do not attach to them and seal them from the oral environment. As a result they can get infected at any time for various reasons.
My advice is to be sure to keep the gumline clean at all times!