Neurologist (Pediatric) Questions Vertigo

Can kids suffer from vertigo?

My son is 7 years old and has been complaining of sudden giddiness. The doctors are doing their tests to confirm if it could be due to vertigo. Can kids get vertigo or is it only a condition that affects adults?

6 Answers

Vertigo can occur at any age, it is important to find out what the cause is as it can be a benign vertigo, inner ear issue, motion sickness, brain tumor, or vascular issues. So, comprehensive testing is needed.
Yes children can get vertigo. There are various causes, and often it is thought of as a variant of migraine when episodic.
Yes, children can get vertigo. True vertigo results from a problem in the middle ear, vestibular balance mechanism and is often thought to result from a "virus" but in fact, there is little real evidence to support that conclusion. Of course tumors of the balance or vestibular portion of the 8th cranial nerve can cause dementia but in children such tumors are very rare. An MRI should rule out any tumors. In the absence of a structural cause of vertigo, treatment is usually symptomatic, trying to reduce the associated nausea and balance problems. Benign positional vertigo is common in adults and is usually self limited. I would recommend a pediatric neurologist to diagnose and treat such a problem.
Children can suffer from vertigo. It is a specifically refers to the sensation of spinning either yourself or the room around you,there is no giddiness associated with it usually ringing I the ears or vomiting. if the symptom is inappropriate laughter my concern turns to gelastc seizures. These are episodes of laughing is smiling at inappropriate times and reqiure a detailed work uplooking for a hypothalamic hamartoma l
yes they can suffer from vertigo. The causes can be varied and an examination and evaluation is warrented.
Children can also experience vertigo. A workup by your child's physician would be prudent.