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Can loose-fitting dentures cause gum pain?

My dentures are loose and I have gum pain. Can loose-fitting dentures cause gum pain?

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Yes they can, as they rub over the tissue. You should have them relined at the minimum. Maybe adjustment or new ones to preserve the remaining bone available.
Yes they can. A loose denture can cause ulcers or cold sores when its margins repeatedly contact certain areas of the oral mucosa. It also can harbor yeast infection and the oral palate looks red and swollen.
Yes they can sometimes if they are ill-fitting or poorly fitting dentures .
Loose dentures or tight dentures can cause gum ulceration and discomfort!
See your dentist for check, possibly reline, rebase, or redo of the dentures.
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Loose-fitting dentures can certainly cause gum pain. A loose denture will shift around more and even rock sometimes during eating and all of this movement creates tissue friction and even trauma. The friction can irritate the gums over time leading to inflammation and pain. Soft denture liners and tissue conditioners are available and they can deliver some cushioning between an ill-fitting denture and the gums to provide relief. Ultimately, you may need to have your existing denture fit improved with a hard reline or you might need a new denture.