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Can periodontal disease be reversed?

My father has been diagnosed with periodontal disease. Can this condition be reversed?

7 Answers

Periodontitis can be reversed with treatment, or at best controlled.
Periodontal disease cannot be reversed, but can be treated and maintained so it does not get worse.
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Yes, in some cases of gingivitis and periodontitis they can be reversed and managed to maintain health. In other cases sometimes the disease process cannot be reversed but health can be achieved and maintained
Usually it cannot any more than high blood pressure can be. However it can usually be controlled the same way as high blood pressure can. However it is hard to answer the question without knowing exactly what type of periodontal disease he has.
Yes, to a certain extent, but it depends on the severity and whether there is bone loss and what type of bone loss exists.
Periodontal disease cannot be reversed, it will continue to progress unless you seek treatment. Periodontal treatment can stop further progression of the disease. Please see a periodontist for further treatment.
There are several types of periodontal disease. Most of the time, periodontal disease is a chronic condition. There are times when bone can be regenerated - but, we don't get rid of the disease. Our goal is to find a way to prevent further bone loss and to regenerate the bone that has been lost. If your father went for a long period of time without having his teeth cleaned, it is possible that his condition could be reversed.