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Can plastic surgery change the entire shape of my nose?

I have had my nose broken on numerous occasions and it is now crooked with a bump. Can plastic surgery fix this completely? I'm afraid to go under the knife if the results will not be 100%.

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Unfortunately, no one can promise a 100% result. But the good news is that we can generally have a very good idea of what we can do or not do with a nose prior to the surgery. A crooked nose with a bump is something that can definitely be corrected with a cosmetic rhinoplasty and the results are generally very good and patients are very happy. You just have to make sure you surgeon is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has completed years of training in facial and nasal surgery.
You may reference many sites on the internet to confirm that Rhinoplasty can radically change the shape of the nose. No surgeon, though, can guarantee that your surgery will produce a perfect result. It should be highly likely that surgery can provide a straight nose and a reduction of the "bump" you describe.
Thank you for your email. The bump can be corrected and you should have a great result. Depending on the severity of the break, a revision may need to be done down the road.
As in everything cosmetic,100% correction is rare to obtain, especially when unknown damage has occurred and some structures might be too damaged to be fully repaired. Estimating the success of a full correction can be reasonably estimated by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.
Rhinoplasty can correct traumatic deformities of the nose. Of course it depends upon how long you have had the nasal deformities as the longer the deformities have been allowed to heal in abnormal positions. They can always be improved greatly but 100% satisfaction is in the eye of the beholder.
It sure can :-)
Our motives are either functional or aesthetic or both. We usually morph photographs as part of the planning process and the outcomes are usually very close to our plan.

Alan Burke
It can be fixed. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for any kind of surgery result. You will need to accept some risks.
In my 30 years of experience with fractured or broken noses, I have always been able to improve the balance and shape of the nose. Establishing an open airway and straight nose are the goals and usual outcome of a plastic surgical reconstruction of a nose. See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation.

Good luck.
The results would depend on the extent of your injuries.