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Can pomegranate cause teeth staining?

I read in an article that pigmented foods like pomegranate and beetroots can cause teeth staining. Is this true? How can this be prevented?

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Pigmented foods can stain teeth, but it takes a long time. Fortunately the stains are on the outer surface of the teeth and are easily removed with whitening systems offered by dentists.
Any dyes that are in your food or drinks can cause staining, if you don’t follow with excellent oral hygiene, meaning brushing and flossing.
Yes, brush right afterwards.
All red/dark colored foods and also red wine cause staining, sometimes very superficial, sometimes deeper. First of all, depends how strong is the enamel. If you lack some minerals and Calcium or vit.D, there are more chances that you are going to have a deeper level of staining. To prevent that, go regularly to the dentist for professional cleaning, it is the only one who can clean properly the pelicula on our teeth. Second, and only in special, real case of staining, use 2 times per week baking soda on the brush to deep clean your teeth, but not long therm.
This is true. This is the same means as red wine staining and coffee staining. Normal recall cleanings can limit staining, however, the only way for absolute prevention is through cessation of consumption.
Look for the following in what you eat and drink if you find you are getting stains on your teeth. Chromogens -- any food or liquid ingested that has a deep color may cling to the outer surface of teeth or the enamel.
Foods that are tannins containing -- plant-based food or liquid can make it easier for stains to stick to teeth
Acidic foods such as orange juice -- these make tooth enamel rougher, which makes areas in enamel for stains to set in. Pomegranate and beet roots are prime examples.
Yes, this can happen, as does wine.
Absolutely. As with any citrus fruit containing natural acids, overuse will produce untoward results.
A basic rule of thumb that I tell my patients, especially those who are in the process of whitening their smiles, "any thing that can stain a white shirt will stain your teeth." That being the axiom, it is possible that those foods, will over time, stain dentition.
Yes, any food with any color can potentially stain teeth. That does not mean that you should eliminate them from your diet, it only means that the coloring in them can stain teeth. The only food or beverage that does not stain teeth is just water!!! So, please don’t worry and carry on enjoying your fruits. Just brush with a good sonic toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste and you are good to go.

Almost all pigmented things stain teeth. Either do not imbibe or else immediately brush afterwards. Use Crest white strips after professional tooth cleaning.

Any coloring can cause that. You can prevent it with regular brushing and flossing.