Dermatologist Questions Tanning

Can tanning cause any skin concerns?

I often go outside to tan in the summer, and sometimes I do forget to put on sunscreen. Will this cause any health issues for me in the future?

6 Answers

Tanning is BAD! No tan is a good tan; You are cooking your skin. It leads to skin cancer, the most common type of cancer and can make you old and wrinkly.
Tanning causes a number of health issues. Tanning is due to UV light that is produced by the sun. UV light causes damage to the skin, which can lead to wrinkles, brown spots, thin skin, and skin cancer. Sun damaged skin will tear easily and bruise easily as well. I recommend you wear sunscreen on your face every day, even in the winter, of a SPF 30 or higher. On the body, apply sunscreen before you get dressed every morning to give you protection even on days you don’t expect to be outside.
The sun in excess can cause skin cancers!! Always use your sunscreen with an SPF of 30 before going out. Better yet, limit your sun exposure to the least amount possible.
Absolutely this can cause problems. We know for a fact that sunburns and tanning cause skin cancer and premature aging. Physical blockers, zinc and titanium, reapplied will allow you to be outside and not burn if used properly. Avoid 10am-3pm to be safe.
Tanning is a sign of sun damage to the skin. It's the skin response to excess UV exposure and the color cells (melanocytes) increase melanin production (causing the brown color) in an effort to shield the skin making ("baby skin cells") from the UV. You risk premature aging of your skin as well and when this shows up, it's too late to reverse most of damage.
It increases the risk of skin cancer