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Can teeth be straightened after implants?

I am a 31 year old male. I want to know if teeth can be straightened after implants?

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Once a dental implant is placed, it will not move through bone the way natural teeth do with orthodontics. It is always recommended to do any orthodontic treatment before having implants placed.
The orthodontist will determine
Teeth can, implants can't
The implant teeth can not beeen moved but natural teeth can always be straightened.
Teeth can be straightened, but the implants cannot.
Implants don't move with braces, but everything around them does. For that reason, it is always better to complete orthodontic treatment prior to implant placement. exceptions apply that your provider will be able to decide.
Yes. But you need to consult your dentist and orthodontist timing.

Yes, teeth can be straightened after implants, but the movement will need to account for the implant not changing its position.
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Dr. Johnson
Implant tooth cannot be straightened, however, your natural teeth can be straightened, the implant and the crown that was placed does not move. If the crown is misaligned you may be able to change the post and the crown to be aligned with natural teeth.
The natural teeth can be moved (braces, Invisalign-type, retainers) at nearly any age as long as the bone and gum tissues are healthy. Implants, however, are "locked" into the bone once they heal and cannot be moved. The replacement tooth or teeth that connect onto the implant(s) can be remade if needed to appear "straighter" but their original location of the connection will remain in the same position.