Orthopedist Questions Vicodin

Can vicodin taken for back pain cause reactions?

If I take Vicodin for back pain, is it likely to cause any kind of side effects? I'm instructed to take it at night, before bed, but why wouldn't I need to take it in the morning?

4 Answers

All narcotics cause on to become drowsy, so you can't drive or operate machinery and you may fall asleep. That's why you shouldn't take it in the am.
Vicodin is a narcotic. It has numerous and well described side effects. I encourage you to do some research as different people experience different side effects. The major side effects for narcotics from the actual medication can include nausea, headaches and itchiness. Patients also tend to have diminished mental capacity’s while on this medication. Patient should not drive or operate machinery when taking narcotics. One can become dependent and resistant to the medication. Narcotics must be taken with great care and only under the supervision of a physician. The laws in the state of New Jersey have changed significantly regarding the use of narcotics. Patients as well as physicians are subject to oversight. Pharmacies track narcotic prescriptions from physicians as well as patients.
All medications have potential side effects. Sometimes patients are advised not take medications during the day including Vicodin because it can cause sedation or lack of alertness which can be problematic if your driving or working. You can read about some of the potential side effects of Vicodin on your provided pharmacy paper work.
Yes, Vicodin has side effects. Contact the Dr. who prescribed the medication to you for any questions.