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Can yoga be used to treat diabetes?

My husband has been suffering from diabetes for the past 3 years. I've been trying to find others way to treat his condition, and I've read that practicing yoga can help in treatment.. Is it really true?

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Yoga helps burn Calories..that would help slow down progression of DM
Yes yoga can be of benefit to people with diabetes. There are many articles in the literature touting its benefits though few have undergone critical scientific research. In my opinion the benefits are two fold-1) exercise is always a benefit to people with diabetes & should be encouraged and though yoga is more contemplative than exercise, there is some exercise involved 2) mental-diabetes is a hard disease to live with (I know-I have had it for 25 yrs.) and the mental burden of having a disease that never leaves you even when you sleep is hard to bear. The mental & physical exercises of yoga can help create a better coping mechanism and a better life with diabetes.