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Can you do too much acupressure?

I am a 23 year old female. I wonder if you can do too much acupressure?

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No, it’s like a massage it might bruise if done too much or too hard.
I practice acupuncture, which is stimulation to the points with needles. I do not practice acupressure. You can have acupuncture everyday. It is unlikely to have negative effects and unlikely that you could do too much
Depends on location of pressure
Typically, no you can't do too much acupressure. Pay attention to how it feels when you're doing acupressure though, because there are some nerves that can be close to the skin's surface. If you feel an electric "zing" that travels down or up, you've hit a nerve. Long term pressure and stimulation of a nerve can cause some damage, so pay attention.
You should do with moderation!
Good afternoon, ma'am,

Regarding your question we need to define what is "too much." The basic guideline for acupressure, you cannot use this technique on people unconscious, the area with open wound, infection, with or without fluid or puss coming out, black and blue, artificial joint and surgical metal that stays in the body. If you don't have all the above, then 2-3x a week for acupressure is fine.

Not too much. You must first find out the cause of your illness.

Acupressure means mechanical pressure on points, muscles... So, if a practitioner presses for too long or too much pressure it would have a non-therapeutic effect and it might inflame and injure the muscle tissue. A practitioner needs to develop a special skill to understand the human body.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
I’m not an acupressure expert, but I’d imagine it could be over stimulating if done too much.
If you mean acupuncture, no doing it will have no adverse side effects. But I do not do acupressure
If you are wondering about therapeutic effect of acupressure it is unlikely to have to much of it. There is possibility that acupuncture point may be tender. All the best
Dr. Leila
No, it only works to improve circulation and function.
You could over press and bruise yourself, surely, but acupressure is pretty mild and it's unlikely that aside from bruising yourself that you would overdo it.
Stimulating the points used in acupuncture and acupressure is in effect telling the Qi/Life Force/Energy to move. When you move energy, this takes energy... yet when done by a skilled and highly trained practitioner, this movement is to create balance, or greater balance, and thus the movement creates a state where more energy is being created by the Body-Mind-Spirit system. If the acupressure is not being used to create balance and just for symptom relief as most use it who don't fully understand the medicine, it could, theoretically at least, be causing further weakness of the system due to these concepts, at least in my theoretical understanding of this. Are you feeling tired and drained?
No, I don't think you can do too much acupressure.
No, don't do too much acupressure, doing two or three times a week is better.
In a word, yes. Acupuncture is more of a "less is more" style of treatment. It's difficult to overstimulate a point with acupressure (if you do you'll probably just feel some irritation in the skin or muscle), but you can apply acupressure to too many points. I liken it to listening to a radio. You can listen to one station and absorb what's being said, but the more stations you put on, the harder it becomes to hear what each one is saying. Your body responds the same way to acupuncture points.
Generally, no, you can't overdo it. In China acupuncture is often applied multiple days in a row and sometimes applied multiple times in a day. Acupuncture needles are solid and aren't introducing any substances to the body.

Where a patient can sometimes run into problems is with local bruising. This can render the area too tender for repeated acupressure and is one of the reasons acupuncture (using needles) is often much better tolerated - it's way more comfortable particularly in repeated treatment.