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Can you drink after jaw surgery?

I am a 26 year old female. I want to know if I can drink after jaw surgery?

7 Answers

After jaw surgery your surgeon will have verbal and written instructions for post operative care. Please read and follow those instructions very carefully and always consult with your surgeon or the staff.
For most surgeries, yes you can sip on ice water, Don't drink through a straw. It is best if you wait a while after surgery before drinking so you do not dissolve the clot. For major surgeries, that is entirely up to your surgeon
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Usually you can, just take it easy!
Yes you can
I am assuming that you mean drink alcohol. You can drink all you want, don’t mix with any pain meds, and just remember that it may take longer to heal.
Yes you can, but not alcohol
If simple surgery- one week (if not get drunk). If wisdom teeth- 4 weeks (can drink a little with food after 2 weeks). If jaw surgery- pray your surgery be successful first.