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Can you get covid antibodies by blood transfusion?

Hello, I am a 78 years old male, not vaccinated. My daughter recovered from Covid-19 and has the same blood type as mine. Is it possible to have a minor transfusion from her to me to get the antibodies?

Male | 78 years old
Complaint duration: none
Medications: none
Conditions: Healthy

2 Answers

A whole blood transfusion from your daughter to you for the purpose of transferring some of her anti-SARS-V2 (COVID-19) is ill advised. Don't consider this. You are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Any of the US-authorized COVID-19 vaccines have been demonstrated to be safe and protect from getting severe COVID-19.
Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. And even if you could, passively infused antibodies will last only a few weeks at most.

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