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Can you have surgery for a gummy smile?

I have a gummy smile and want to fix it. Can you have surgery for a gummy smile?

6 Answers

Yes you can. This is typically a multi-discipline approach with a restorative dentist and a periodontist. There are different ways to solve a gummy smile, based on the particular diagnosis or etiology of gummy smile. Approaches are gum surgery, jaw surgery, orthodontics, or veneers/crowns. A good restorative dentist can discuss the best approach with you depending on your unique circumstances.
Yes, but it depends on the correct diagnosis of what caused the gummy smile as to the best approach to correcting it. It can be as "simple" as surgically raising the gum, but the bone structure and lip function can impact the correct treatment decision.
Yes. Gingival sculpting can help correct a gummy smile.
Yes. Gummy smiles can be fixed for the most part. Have a good periodontist to do the surgery and a good cosmetic dentist to do place veneers afterward.
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