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Can you help me with my wrist pain?

I have had wrist pain already for 5 days. Can you help me with my wrist pain?

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That pain is very recent and can be treated, especially that you do not note any swelling or broken bones. Have a look at an ear chart and find the wrist point area and massage it gently. You could experience a relief.

If it does not help, massage more the back of your ear, at the same point you did find and see how you feel. The back of your ear is a muscle system you can gently massage when needed. Take care!
We will exam 1st. Then provide dry needling 1st. Patients will find instant results in general.
Depending on patients’ medical histories and conditions, each patient will have different responses. Patients will have to follow up in 3-7days depending on severity.
Patients will be examined again on how much difference they have experienced since the initial acupuncture treatment.
Then we can give patients a plan for symptomatology.
If we find limitations in improvements, we will apply different plans as a holistic approach.
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Yes, acupuncture can treat just about any kind of pain.
If your wrist pain is chronic, you will need multiple sessions per week for a period of time. Then you can decrease sessions to once a week once it is under control. You need a private consultation to discuss your pain issue.
Usually, yes, acupuncture is an excellent treatment choice for pain. If you don't know why you're having wrist pain, and especially if there is some recent trauma (like you fell and caught yourself on that arm), it's a good idea to at least have an x-ray or exam by your primary care provider.