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Can you help someone with severe anger issues?

My friend has anger issues. Can you help someone with severe anger issues?

4 Answers

Stay calm.
Try to listen to them.
Give them space.
Set boundaries.
Help them identify their triggers.
Support them to seek professional help.
Look after your own wellbeing.
Anger is a common emotion and can easily spiral into a rage, so there's a chance you will someday encounter a friend, family member, or partner who has trouble controlling their anger. You can help them, first and foremost, by reeling in your own emotions, as becoming upset yourself will likely worsen the problem.
Yes. The severity of someone’s anger problems is often related to the amount of time their symptoms have been untreated and/or the cause of the anger. Treating severe anger issues isn’t necessarily harder than mild or moderate. The process is very similar. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is likely to be the most effective treatment approach. CBT is a specific type of therapy to help people learn to understand the cause of their emotions and improve ways of managing or reducing the intensity of negative feelings such as anger. CBT focuses on the interrelationships between events, thoughts, feelings, and behavior to identify the source of problems and make changes to improve outcomes and quality of life.
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