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If you definitely need to have Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist G4 implants, what kind of problems can you get if you don't get the Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist G4 implants?

Male | 69 years old

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G4 is a brand of implants. Any implant will support a prosthesis. I'm not familiar with the G4 brand as I typically only use the more common implant types. My concern with any immediate loaded implant system is over stressing the implant and causing the supporting bone to break down. All of my All on 4 procedures have been done is stages where the patient wears a denture while the bone heals to the implant. So far I have not lost an implant.
Never heard of those implants. Get a second opinion.
I’m not sure what else can actually be used for the all-on-4 technique. Just remember, you get all-on-4, but “none on 3.” If all 4 don’t work together, the entire case is lost.
I am not certain why you were told you definitively need any particular restorative procedure. There are always options, not necessarily better, but there are always options. As to what could happen if you don't have the recommended treatment I am not able to answer. I would ask the person who told you this and have him explain the consequences. I would then seek a second opinion.
Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty and therefore is wide open to whoever recommends it no matter what their training. As a specialist I'm a firm believer in specialist treating specialty problems for the best result. The person you need to be seeing is called a prosthodontist. Unless you live in an urban area you're not likely to find one close by. It would pay to search one out for your concerns as you're fixing to spend an awful lot of money at a particularly difficult time as far as your age to tolerate any variance other than an exceptional result to recommend implants is to realize there must be multiple missing teeth which means Advanced bone loss in the very areas where the implants are supposed to improve support. Being female or you would have a smaller jaw structure to work within which is another consideration to recommend a specialist. You'll pay a little more but peace of mind is everything in what we have to perceive as your best effort toward maintaining your dentition the rest of your life.
Without knowing details of your case, it is very difficult to answer your question. Generally speaking, implants help to preserve bone. People that have had teeth removed gradually lose the bone surrounding the tooth. With implants, you are also able to chew better and your teeth that are supported by implants feel more secure than dentures. Hopefully that helps. You should ask your dentist for more specifics.
In my opinion, none if implant is placed properly and the cosmetic dentist uses zirconium crown.

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Marc N. Benhuri, D.M.D
It does not make sense to me that any patient definitely needs a specific brand of implant