Psychologist Questions Nipple discharge

Could emotions cause milky nipple discharge?

I am a 36-year-old women, and currently undergoing severe emotional stress. All of a sudden I am noticing a milky discharge from my nipples. Could this be because of my emotional stress or some other problem?

8 Answers

I have never heard that happening as a function of emotional stress. Make sure you see your medical doctor to rule out a medical condition.
Stress can be a cause if milky breast discharge. However, you should see your gynecologist to get testing done to determine if there aren't other causes such as an overproduction of a hormone or any breast abnormalities.

Yes, emotional distress can cause issues like that. It is fine because many women have discharge throughout their lives.
Severe stress can cause this, so can hormone changes. It's best to be evaluated by your primary medical doctor to rule out any other causes. Once you're able to rule out any medical condition, then seeking counseling to assist you with managing the emotional stressors in your life may be very beneficial.
Yes, it could be something else. See a gynecologist and he/she will examine you and test for possible hormonal causes.
Emotions can do baby things within the brain, but don't take that for granted and get your breasts examined and even some blood levels done as a precaution.
Yes, especially if occurs at time of menses when Progesterone levels are declining rapidly...had a patient who developed lactation amounts of milk with combination of a surgical procedure done day before menses (declining Progesterone)
Rule out thyroid problems first and do mammogram and see your doctor