Surgeon Questions Hernia

Did I cause permanent damage by having sex 3 days after my hernia surgery?

Recently I received surgery for 3 hernias, a bilateral inguinal hernia and a ventral hernia. They were fixed via robotic repair with an outer mesh.

As I was not told otherwise and it was not mentioned in the information packets I received, I engaged in sexual activity 3.5 days after my surgery. There was no discomfort or pain for the majority of the duration, but during climax, I experienced a severe pain near my bellybutton (slightly below and to the right). It was a tearing/stretching sensation, and felt like tissue or something else was being pulled and torn apart laterally. The area has been sensitive since (now 3 days later).

I'm very concerned. Did I possibly damage or compromise the mesh or procedure in any way?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Male | 24 years old
Complaint duration: Days
Conditions: None

5 Answers

Mesh may have torn away from attachments laterally. Be sure to mention this to your surgeon on your follow-up visit.
I do not know your doctor, but the doctor would not be at fault. Common sense would tell you not to engage in sex or any other thing that would strain your body. You need to go talk to your doctor, if they will talk to you. I do wish you the best, but you need to think before you do anything to hurt yourself.

You need to see your surgeon to find out if there was any damage caused. He will do a physical exam of the surgical area and probably order an ultrasound.
It is possible that you may have pulled tissue through a suture, but the suture may have not broken. It is best to be examined by your surgeon to make sure you not have a recurrence of the hernias.
In general, I tell my patients to avoid activities after hernia surgery that cause pain. Given the sensations you are describing, I would strongly recommend calling your surgeon for evaluation to ensure that you did not disrupt your repair. The pain may just be from the procedure, but ultimately, you want to make sure you do not have a recurrence.