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Diseases in Africa

I'm planning to travel to several countries in the southern half of Africa. What diseases to I need to watch for there?

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There are many-travelers diarrhea, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Hepatitis and Typhoid fever are just a few. Consult a travel clinic for necessary vaccinations and preventative antibiotics.
You should consult a travel medicine specialist
Traveler diarrhea, Malaria, HIV, STDs, Hepatitis A and B, etc. I would recommend you see an infectious disease specialist or a travel clinic for more details.

Good luck on your trip. I’ll advice you to do your research on what infectious diseases are endemic in the regions that you will be visiting ( is a good please to start). Also, check with your doctor for immunizations required when traveling abroad, such as, Hepatitis A and B. If you are traveling in areas where mosquitoes and ticks are present, try to always use an insect repellent with DEET of at least 30% and use appropriate clothing. Be vigilant on waterborne diseases and try to avoid swimming in fresh, unchlorinated water. As for traveler’s diarrhea, which is probably the most common one, try to start taking probiotics at least 2-3 weeks before the trip and stay on them for 3-4 weeks after returning.

Hope this helps and safe travels!
That's a loaded question
Diseases which are transmitted by mosquitos such as malaria, or ticks, such as Africa tick bite fever,.. and a few more such as hemorrhagic fever and West Nile and Yellow fever

Diseases that are food and water-borne: Hepatitis A, typhoid, paratyphoid, amebiasis, cholera, dysenteria.

Airborne diseases -such as Tuberculosis- particularly in certain areas of South Africa

Sexually-transmitted disease such as HIV-AIDS
Diseases transmitted from animals such as rabies, plague (Anthrax)

Soil- and -water associated such as schistosomiasis, leptospirosis

The risk depends on where you go, what you do and how long you stay in a particular area
Hep A and Typhoid vaccines are recommended for most travelers.
Some travelers may need Hep B, Malaria, and Rabies.
Some countries require Yellow Fever vaccine.