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Do I have genital warts or herpes

I noticed that I have some small warts down there, so I am pretty sure it is HPV, but paranoia got the best of me so I started googling and now I'm paranoid that its herpes. How can I tell the difference?

I had a pencil eraser sized bump down there too, which I believe was a deep in-grown hair, since I regularly shave and stupidly I scrapped and scratched till it came out so now I have a scab.

Female | 30 years old
Medications: None
Conditions: Warts

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The best way to confirm a diagnosis is by having the lesion evaluated by a health care professional. HPV and HSV are both a viruses that can effect the genital area. Certain strains of the HPV can cause genital warts which look like bumps and are typically not painful. These can be excised or certain medications can be used to rid them. HSV is a virus that resides in a nerve that can erupt on the skin surface. When this occurs a painful ulcer(s) is noted. This can be treated with a medication to either treat a flare or can be used to suppress frequent occurrences. Both of these viruses are contagious. Both of these viruses are sexually transmitted. Neither of these viruses can be cured but luckily they can both be effectively managed.
Herpes lesions tend to be very painful and blister-like. Many patient diagnosed “warts” are not actually genital warts but can be skin tags, moles and even vulvar cancers. You should absolutely be seen by a Gynecologist to get the right diagnosis any appropriate treatment.
well herpes is usually a cluster of small blister like bumps with fluid in it. In most cases they are painful especially when the tops of theses blister like leisions open up.

the wart not usually painful unless they are in area where it get traumatized.

All in All you do need to go in to your physician's office, when you see the leisions, so that if it herpes they can do a culture. If it is a wart they can remove or give local topical treatment.
If the lesion appears is painful for 3-5 days and then weeps, then heals 5-7 days later, it is HSV (Herpes). If the lesion is firm and crusty and does not resolve and does not weep, it is HPV (a genital wart).

Dr. Trevor Wing
HPV and herpes are totally different. Have your doctor check it.
It sounds like HPV, but could be either. See your gynecologist for confirmation.
The only way to tell for sure is to have your gynecologist do an evaluation which may mean visual inspection, perhaps colposcopic or microscopic inspection, culture or even biopsy.
If you think you have warts or herpes, do not shave the area as you will drag the virus to other parts of your vulva. Herpes usually starts with pelvic pain before an outbreak which is not the case with HPV. Herpes comes with painful burning ulcers. HPV comes with warty growths which are often not painful. Folliculitis (ingrown hair) can be the result of shaving and can also be painful, especially if an infection occurs. There are ways to treat and prevent all three of these conditions, so see a provider and check it out!
Herpes is usually a cluster of small blisters on a red base. Hpv lesions are more like little growths or genital warts. Have an experienced healthcare provider look at them.
Herpes causes blisters, not warts.
It can be any of the above, but do not become paranoid. Most of the time, it is simply ingrown hair and a person gets nervous. I do not think it is herpes because, most of the time, herpes is very painful, but just to be on the safe side you, should see your ob/gyn.