Chiropractor Questions Back Pain

Do chiropractors also prescribe medications?

I have back pain and I have been contemplating whether to go to a chiropractor or a pain management doctor. I really don’t want to take any strong medications. What do you suggest?

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Chiropractors seek out natural methods to treat your condition not relying on pain medications. Come in to talk to one of our providers and see what optimum options we have for you.
No, chiropractors do not prescribe medications.
Chiropractic Physicians do not prescribe medications in most states, so check with the laws in your area; however, we often work hand in hand with pain management physicians. Biomechanical pain in your muscles and joints can dramatically improve with regular chiropractic care, and when we work closely with your pain management doctor, can work together to avoid strong medications if possible.
A chiropractor will always try to treat the back pain conservatively with no drugs and will only refer or offer drug therapy if all other treatment plans are not suitable.

Drug free therapy is always the first port of call.
No, it is not part of their education. See a chiropractor who will examine and X-Ray your spine to determine if chiropractic could help
Chiropractors do not prescribe medication. I would start with chiropractic which is 100% natural then if that does not manage your condition you can always try a less natural and more invasive approach.
If your issue is due to a mechanical dysfunction you have a very high possibility chiropractic will help you
Chiropractic Physicians are non-prescribing doctors. Pain management doctors may be helpful, however pain meds never deal with the cause of the pain. They will only mask it. First find out the cause of the pain/ condition, or problem. I have spent my entire professional career finding the cause of the patients pain. And focusing on the nerve system and the structural presentation will usually reveal the cause of the problem.
I personally would see a chiropractor to seek some relief without having to rely on pain medication which will only take the pain away temporarily but not address the underlying issue.
Prescribed medication go against the Philosophy of Chiropractic. Chiropractic provides a holistic natural approach to pain management. It would be great start to manage some pain.
Medications would mask the problem and not correct the cause. Let's have you come in for a thorough examination and help you get you back to state of health. Chiropractic is the most effective approach for back pain and so much more. Call our center at 201-265-0555
Go to a chiropractor first since it is a more natural and conservative approach. If you are not getting enough relief, then you can always see a pain doctor.
No we do not prescribe medications, that is not in our scope of practice. We do however treat a variety of back related symptoms through non medicinal approaches. I would recommend you try that first before attempting any medications.
Typically no. We try and help the body heal without drugs by fixing the cause of the pain not just cover it up
Thank you for the question. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications for pain ailments. In fact, the Chiropractic profession is more of a holistic approach to spinal and neuromuscular conditions.

Unfortunately, as necessary as pain meds may be for the very short term, we believe in correcting the source of the problem and not masking the symptoms, as pain meds will often do. This approach gives the patient a better long term outcome, which is always the primary goal.

I hope you found this explanation helpful.
In some states chiropractors are allowed to prescribe mild pain relievers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Some pain management clinics will work with chiropractors so you get the best of both worlds. If you had to pick one or the other you should look at it this way. Medication is mainly given to address the symptom not the cause, so in that case it is usually going to give only temporary relief. This may last a few days or several weeks. Chiropractors on the other hand understand the symptoms and the need for relief, but they look for what caused the condition and devise a plan of action to correct it. Symptoms are a side affect of the underlying cause. Correct the cause, relieve the pain.
As a rule, unless they also have an MD license, chiropractic physicians do not prescribe medications. In fact, chiropractic physicians pride themselves on being able to provide pain relief without the use of pain medications. We often work with patients and coordinate with their other physicians to begin chiropractic care and then have their other docs help them slowly come off their pain medications. Many D.C's also provide nutritional supplementation to their patients that can help the body deal with pain. A pain management doctor will be mainly focused on alleviating pain or blocking the pain from being felt, but will not necessarily focus on the cause.
If your spine has a bone out of position and it's pinching a nerve, it's possible that receiving adjustments will remove your pain.
Medications have sometimes strong negative side effects. I would recommend seeing a qualified chiropractor first. Most often we are able to help relieve the pain quickly but more importantly without damaging your body.

Chiropractors do not prescribe medications. Though many do use homeopathic, natural or herbal products for inflammation or pain control. It just depends on the specific Chiropractor as to what they recommend. With back pain many causes are mechanical causes which Chiropractors can actually correct. If your problem is not one that is appropriate for Chiropractic Treatment then they will refer you to the appropriate provider. But in any case, the Chiropractor is looking to address the CAUSE of your pain. The pain management doctors are interested in pain and symptom control. They will prescribe medications to mask the symptoms for you with anything from oral meds, injections to epidurals. But they are not addressing the cause of your symptoms, just the presentation of what symptoms you have. I would suggest seeing a good Chiropractor first to evaluate your Back Pain and then if your case warrants further pain control or specialist referral then the Chiropractor can help you get to the appropriate provider.

I can tell you though that in the 19 years of my practicing, I have had to refer out only a very small percentage of my patients for other specialist treatment, especially with back pain. Most causes can be successfully handled by a qualified Chiropractor.

I wish you the best,

Dr. Ryan Hanson, DC