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Do crowns weaken the teeth?

I had to get 4 crowns yesterday. Do crowns weaken the teeth?

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No crowns do not weaken teeth. Crowns help preserve the natural tooth structure and prevent breakage and tooth loss.
When properly prepared, crowns do not weaken teeth.
The purpose of placing crowns for all types majorly is for supporting the coronal structure of the remaining teeth (full crown for example). If it’s done correctly, it will prevent the tooth from fracture.
No it does not, when needed.
Crowns don’t weaken teeth. Sometimes the teeth have been weakened due to decay. The crown helps to replace the tooth structure that has been lost.
Teeth receiving dental crowns need to be prepared and this is done by shaving 1-2 mm off the outer walls of the tooth. This "shaving" or "prepping" results in loss of some tooth enamel and dental filling material as well. This does not weaken your tooth/teeth. Subsequent placement of dental crowns in fact reinforces your teeth. This is because the dental crown acts like a helmet for your tooth, channeling destructive biting, chewing and grinding forces down the outside walls. Dental crowns prevent tooth fracture in this way!
Actually they help to preserve the teeth. They are less likely to fracture if protected with crowns.
A crown can weaken the tooth only if it is ground down too much. However if the tooth is prepared properly it will strengthen the resistance to fracture. It is important to keep the core of the tooth strong and not to take away too much of the outside of the tooth. (Axially)
If the crowns are done properly, they will actually protect the teeth from fracturing. Most of the time, the crowns are needed on the root canaled teeth since these teeth are weaker due to nerves taken out of them.
Hope this helps.
I would not say that crowns weaken a tooth, they just change it. When placing a crown, your dentist has to remove the complete outer shell of the tooth (enamel) from all sides so that they can essentially fit a hat on the tooth. This does mean that the tooth has no natural protective covering any more. However, the crown is serving that function once it is placed. Also, if the tooth had a crack in it, the crown is actually strengthening the tooth and preventing undo force and flexure of the tooth, like giving it a bear hug, so that the crack hopefully does not get bigger.