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Do dentists offer services to the uninsured?

My health insurance ran out recently and I am due for a cleaning. I was wondering if dentists are able to offer services to the uninsured. Could they offer payment plans?

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It depends on the office you see. If you dont have insurance you will have to pay the "cash fee" which will be more expensive. Some offices provide payment plans but most do not.
Some offices offer payment plans to the uninsured.
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Only if they have cash
There are financing options that many offices accept, such as Care Credit, The Lending Club, Smart Care.
Dentists recommend keeping patients on a 6 month cleaning regimen if not even more frequently (every 3 months) if a patient has gum disease. Dentists can offer services to those without insurances but payment is usually required at time of service. You can always apply for Care Credit for approval for payment plan options.
Dentists will usually see uninsured patients. Payment plans will depend on the individual office.
Some dentists offer a discount; you can ask. Most dentists have no -interest financing if you need it.
This will be different for every office. I suggest you call the office and find out what they have to offer? Let them know what your budget is, and maybe you can work something out?
Yes there is fee for service dentistry.
Your dentist will have a set fee for these procedures and you can pay them.
Yes. Most dentists offer services to uninsured patients on a fee for service basis. Many do offer payment plans and a variety of payment options such as credit cards, 3rd party financing and discounts for payment at the time of service. Call the office you would like to schedule with and they will be happy to discuss their payment policies with you.
I can not speak for all dentists but where I am from many do offer payment plans.
Some like myself offer the plan interest free. Some refer to a third party that offers the payment plan. This type of third party payment usually comes with very high interest rates and possibly administrative fees. You should be able to call around and find a dentist that doesn't practise this way and just spread the payments out without charging you extra. Again I have no idea where you live or which country but in many parts of Canada where I live that is how it is often done.
Yes. You do not have to have insurance to see any health care provider (though it is a huge help). You will have to pay out of pocket. Some offices do offer patient financing as well as discount programs.
Dentists do indeed offer services to uninsured patients. Although most dentists do not choose to serve as a bank in offering payment plans, you could ask about CareCredit or the Dental Benefit Program. These are both viable ways to help fit dental treatment into a budget.
Yes, dentist offer services to the uninsured patients who need proper dental care. They have payment plans, which can help a patient to get the best possible dental care. It is recommended to seek a professional dental hygienist who can provide you with the right in-house finance program and even, offer great discounts to uninsured patients.

Besides, some dentists proffer treatment priced on a sliding scale that means they will do the adjustment with their prices according to your income. Take care to not get embarrassed while asking about payment options or give you the plans that fit your budget constraints.
Yes, absolutely. Dentists see all kinds of patients. Our office also offer payment plans. I cannot say about all dentists in general.
Yes dentist are able to treat uninsured dental patients. Concerning payments its up to the individual dentist. Generally they do not offer plan on smaller treatment. However when it comes more extensive treatment they offer short term payment plan. If you need a long term they may offer a three party lender who are able to allow 2 to 5 years to spread your pays but get your need treatment now.
Yes we do provide services to uninsured. Some offices have new patient specials that include exam, X-rays, and cleaning (void of periodontal disease) that makes it a bit more affordable for the patient. There are programs like care credit that allow you to make payments.
Yes, Dentists will see you without insurance. You would just pay their full fee usually. Some offices offer payment plants, and some office offer third party financing. You would need to contact the office you want to visit and ask what their policy is.
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It really depends on every individual dental practitioner. Some dentist ONLY see medical aid patients, some dentist ONLY see cash patient and some see both. So you will have to enquirer with the receptionist when you visit the dental practice.

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Dr Chun-I Lee
Yes to both of your questions. Each office is different with regards to what payment plans they may offer and you will need to contact them directly in order to find out what they offer.
I hope my response was helpful.
Dentists definitely offer services to uninsured patients. Fewer than 50% of my patients have insurance. Most dentists, including myself offer some form of financing for larger treatment plans.
yes we do and there are payment plan options

Yes there is no problem. Dentists treat patients of they have insurance or not. For payment plan, it depends of the office. We do, so I suggest that you ask the secretary when you call for an appointment at the office you want to go.

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Dr Isange Remacle
This varies from dentist to dentists. Many dentists offer services to the uninsured. Payment plans are available, however, most dentists complete this work with payment at time of service. There are also companies that loan money for health services Suh as Care Credit. Payment plans are an option depending on your current relationship and history with your dental care providers.
Your treatment my be completed upon arrangment with the dental home.
Many have third party lenders to help people afford and pay for their treatment.
Most dentists do see uninsured patients and some do offer payment plans. However each office has their own policies so I would check that with them when calling to make the appointment
Many if not most dentist should have a payment plans for uninsured patients. Also, no dentists should ever turn you away just because you lack insurance.
Dentists do offer services to the uninsured. Many dentists do offer payment plans.
Yes dentist offer services to uninsured. In terms of payment plans, every dentist is different.
Yes. Payment options are available. We also offer a cash discount for patients who do not have insurance.
Yes - it is up to the office.
Of course. Keeping your smile healthy with regular hygiene (cleaning)appointments is the smartest way to keep down your dental bills. We work with all of our patients and we even offer in-house savings plans for those with out insurance. We do work hand-in-hand with Care Credit as well, helping to make your care fit your budget.
Dentist generally are highly motivated where business is concerned to promote their practices by offering a variety of payment plans. A quick Google search or phone call to their receptionist would yield an easy solution to your financial problem. Most done is done no take various credit cards they take all manner of insurance whether you have insurance or not should not stand in the way of making Financial arrangements to pay your bill and get your solution as soon as possible. As an aside there are also depending on where you live multiple free clinics that deliver standard Services as an emergency basis. These are usually done as a public service and through the local dental Society.
Many dental offices offer non-insured dental plans. Others pay as they go. Most of the times, if your oral health is good and doesn't need much work, then it is less expensive to just pay for the 2x cleanings and checkups with X-rays per year.
Of course, some dentists do offer services. In my office, the patients are offered fees with discount and payment plans. This is good for dentist and patient on personal, dental, financial and many other levels. My patients appreciate the discount and have even more trust in me as their dentist for understanding their circumstances and having compassion. It’s a win win situation.
Yes, most dentist treat patients without dental insurance. Many offices offer payment plans or work with other companies like Care Credit to help their patients get the treatment they need. It is a good idea to keep up with your cleanings and checkups even if you don't have dental insurance.

If there is a dental issue, treat it early. I have seen too many patients who waited to get dental insurance and a tooth that could have been a simple filling turned into major treatment that maxed out their insurance with that one tooth. Then they had other teeth with dental issues that they had to pay out of pocket because the cavity spread to adjacent teeth.
We have an affordable dental plan that we offer for patients. Please visit our website site and under SERVICES, read the following plan we offer. We also have financing through Care Credit. Please feel free to call our office with any questions you may have.
Every doctor should offer services to the uninsured. If you give your doctor your credit card number he/she can charge out $45/month and this should be enough to cover three cleanings a year and xrays and and exam. I am not sure where you live so the fees may vary. Have an open conversation with your doctor and he/she should be very willing to help you. We love patients who care about their health and you obviously do. Take care!
Some offices do not take assignment which means you pay up front and deal with insurance collection yourself, which is essentially same as not having insurance
All dentists have a regular fee they charge for their services, so despite not having insurance, anyone can walk into a dentist and pay the fee for their service of choice (ex: cleaning). Most insurance companies only pay a portion of the dentist's regular fee, so a dentist takes a discount by accepting an insurance plan in hopes that they will gain several patients by becoming a provider.
Payment options and service fees vary from dentist to dentist, so it might be worth shopping around to find a provider that meets your needs. Some offices may accept a payment plan, may offer outside financing (ex: CareCredit), or may have a membership plan to help those without insurance still get the care they need.
Yes, of course. Many dentists prefer not to deal with insurances. Depending on the dental office, payment plans will be available. Some dental offices offer in-house payment plans, others go through a third party.
Yes, they offer services and offer payment plans as well.
Most of the dentists do offer in-house or third party payment plan options. Also, many of them offer specials and promotions for patients who do not have insurances. We definitely have these offerings at our offices.
Absolutely. Dentists are not restricted to treating insured patients. Dentists can treat anyone that needs treatment. Some have payment plans, but you may find that basic services are really not expensive.
By all means, dentists offer services to the uninsured! There are also many types of payment plans that different offices use. We use one called Care Credit, which you can use in various types of medical offices, like dentists, chiropractors, vets. etc. When calling a dentist's office for an appointment, ask them if they offer any type of payment plans, and they will be able to help you with information and if you would like to apply.
We offer special pricing as well as payment plans to our uninsured patients.
Most dentists accept uninsured patients as Fee for Service, and some dentists offer payment plans.
Yes. We offer our services to everyone. My office offers several financing options. We also have a Discount Plan for the uninsured patients. Please call our office for details. 310-548-5580.