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Do gums grow over the dental bridge?

I will get a dental bridge. Do gums grow over the dental bridge?

4 Answers

Your gums should not grow over the Bridge. If they do, there is something else wrong.
In some cases yes
Several questions: Is this dental bridge cemented in? In that case, probably not. Is this dental bridge removable, does it come in & out? In that case, probably not. Why probably not? Because that depends on several things. Do you brush your teeth and gums once, preferably at least twice, a day? Do you keep your gums clean and healthy? Or is there still "fuzz" along the gumline after you finished brushing? Do you floss, or use something to clean between the teeth like a waterflosser or a pick of some sort? If you don't keep your gums clean and healthy, beside all of the medical problems that can result, your gums will get very puffy and red and inflamed and will appear to be growing up over and around your bridge. So - have your dentist and/or hygienist discuss with and show you how to keep clean around this bridge, be sure to go in for regular cleanings, and if you have any problems or concerns, be sure to call them.
It is uncommon for gum tissue to grow over the artificial surface of a dental bridge. Your gums can rebound after treatment and appear to be a little higher on the dental bridge itself but you won't grow or attach over the new bridge.