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Do orthopedic doctors treat ankle sprains?

I am a 39 year old female. I want to know do orthopedic doctors treat ankle sprains?

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Yes they do and also foot and ankle surgeons, podiatry
Typically, yes.
Absolutely, the orthopedist will evaluate the ankle, determine the severity of the sprain, make sure there is no associated fracture, and then recommend treatments such as physical therapy, compression, ice, etc. They will also help with decisions related to activity restrictions, return to sports, etc.
Yes, they do.

Robert D. Swift, DO, FAOAO
There are Orthopedic doctors who specialize in the pathology of the foot and ankle. But in all honesty, a well-trained Podiatrist is who you should see for foot and/or ankle pain. A Podiatrist is trained in all areas of medicine, just as an orthopedic surgeon or any other medical physician. However, an Orthopedic surgeon that specializes in the foot and ankle only has 6 months to 1 year fellowship after medical school in the pathology and treatment of the foot and ankle. A Podiatrist is trained from day one of school in pathologies of the foot and ankle, and Podiatrists do between 2-4 year residencies after medical school where the entire focus of the education and training is on pathology of the foot and ankle. We are far more well-versed in conservative as well as surgical care of the foot and ankle.
Yes. Orthopedists and podiatrists both treat ankle sprains
Orthopedic physicians do treat ankle sprains. Podiatrists also treat ankle sprains. I recommend you make an appointment with the foot and ankle surgeon if your choice.
Yes also Podiatrists treat ankle sprains. A Podiatrist is someone who specializes in foot and ankle injuries. Recommend finding a good podiatrist to treat this.
Podiatrists do but I can't answer for Orthopedic surgeons. You'd have to ask an Orthopedist.
Some do and some don't, depending on what their area of anatomic specialty is
Orthopedic surgeons do treat ankle sprains, as do podiatrists.