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Do podiatrists treat ingrown toenails?

I have an ingrown toenail and I want to fix it. Do podiatrists treat ingrown toenails?

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Simple answer. Yes and better than primary care or dermatologist.
Yes. Consult with a Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon.
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Yes, they do. They can get rid of the infection, diagnose the cause of the symptoms, and make recommendations for permanent corrections of the problem, whatever that is. Sometimes there is a medical condition that needs to be addressed before the local problem can be resolved and your podiatrist can help identify that as well.

Jan David Tepper, DPM,FACFAS
Yes. It is our speciality. I personally do about 5-7 ingrown toenail procedures a week.

Dr. Patel
Podiatrists are the most qualified to see such a problem.
Yes, that is part of our specialty.
Hello thank you for reaching out,

Yes, we do treat ingrown.

Dr. Sahand Golshan-Khalili, D.P.M
We are the best at treating ingrown toenails!

Yes we do! It is one of our most common pathologies. Make an appt!
Podiatrists are trained to treat conditions of the lower extremity, one of those being ingrown toenails. I recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible as an untreated ingrown nail can cause other more serious medical issues.
Yes, of course! It is a simple 5-10 minute procedure to do a permanent correction in office.
Yes we do, we treat all foot pathologies, from ingrown to bone deformities including, but not limited to fractures.
Yes, that's what we see every day. 

Dr. Samuel Quartey 
Podiatrists are highly trained in the treatment of all issues below the knee big and small. Ingrown toenails are some of the most common issues a podiatrist will treat. Depending on the severity of the ingrown toenail, a podiatrist may recommend treatment with a simple angled cut called a slant back, alleviating the pain and pressure caused by this ingrowing toenail if it is only mild. If this ingrown toenail is more severe or infected, a podiatrist may need to prescribe antibiotics and/or perform a simple in office surgery called a partial or full nail avulsion; first by numbing the toe with a local anesthetic and then removing the entire ingrowing portion of toenail. This procedure may be made permanent by using a chemical, typically phenol or sodium hydroxide, to destroy the cells which are responsible for growing the portion of ingrowing toenail so this issue does not return in the future.
Of course they do! Acute and chronic ones. There is an easy fix for chronic ingrowing nails. See your local podiatrist and have them resolved relatively easily in the office.
Yes, we do
Yes, podiatrists fix ingrown nails.
Yes. That's our bread and butter. Don't fear, the podiatrist is there for your ingrowns.
Absolutely, that is one of the most common conditions we treat. We perform a simple procedure in the office that solves the problem permanently and we only remove a portion of the involved nail.
Yes! Ingrown toenails are one of the most common issues treated by podiatrists. It's often done in a manner that can be less painful than having other types of providers treat the procedure.


Angela Didyk, DPM
Yes we do.
Yes. This a common problem we treat in the office daily. We are happy to help.
Yes! And we can do a permanent procedure called a Matricectomy which can remove the edges that are bothering you permanently without disturbing the rest of the nail plate!
Podiatrists do treat ingrown toenails. I recommend you make an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for an evaluation
Yes! Absolutely!