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Does acupuncture work for anxiety?

My wife has general anxiety, and I feel like she gets bothered or troubled by the tiniest things. Can acupuncture help in treating her symptoms and condition?

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Acupuncture can help in treating general anxiety for sure. You would need to find an experienced acupuncturist to treat her symptoms and condition.

Dr. Hui (Grace) Gao LAc., TCMD
Definitely, acupuncture and herbal treatment can expedite the healing process. It's not a hard case.
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Yes, absolutely, acupuncture can help your wife with her anxiety issues with the use of acupuncture and perhaps herbs.
It can treat anxiety extremely well.
We have great results treating anxiety with acupuncture and micro-current therapy
yes, and very effectively
Sure can be helpful. Need to do a complete history and then I treat anxiety with acupuncture and herbal formulas.
Yes, your acupuncturist will be able to determined what organs are out of balance to treat accordingly. It could be related to Liver Yang excess, blood deficiency, Yin excess, etc. These are all Chinese patterns, so one Western condition could have many patterns in Chinese Medicine, depending on other symptoms, your Acupuncturist will formulate a specific herbal formula and Acupuncture Protocol to help balance and restore mental, physical and emotional health.
Another great reason to have acupuncture. The acupuncturist would need to make a differential diagnosis to get to the root cause and treat accordingly.
Yes, Acupuncture is a great natural way to address anxiety issues. Unfortunately, anxiety can be triggered by the simplest thing and can be caused by an imbalance in the body. The mechanism of how Acupuncture works is it helps to bring the body back to harmony. Therefore, bringing the body back to harmony can helps to resolve the anxiety or other issues. Find a licensed Acupuncture Physician in your area who can help your wife with her condition. I am confident you both will be happy with the results.
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There are extensive sources online.
Yes, acupuncture is excellent for anxiety. Probably 30%-40% of my practice consists of treating anxiety/PTSD/depression and I usually get great results for folks.
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Acupuncture can help with anxiety or mood disorders by regulating the autonomous nervous system activity and stimulating the brain to normalize production of various hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, beta-endorphin, etc.

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Dr. Park
Acupuncture is known to help ease pain and/or anxiety. I have helped quite a few patients with anxiety, stress, and even PTSD. For some, acupuncture was their last resort and luckily they got the most benefit from it.

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80% of the patients I treat suffer from some sort of anxiety or stress. Acupuncture calms the mind and the nerves.

Dr. Florida
How old is she? Has she been diagnosed with anxiety or do you think she is sensitive? Is she taking a contraceptive? Does she take any medication for her condition?
Although anxiety can happen at any age, there are certain age groups which are more prone to being anxious. For example, teenagers, or women around menopause are the people I see more with symptoms for this condition. Also, some woman get anxiety before their period.
Anxiety could be just feeling worried and uneasy, unable to fall sleep, sometimes it leads to tachycardia, which is raising of the heartbeat, sweating of the hands, shaking, even numbness on the face. In any of the levels of anxiety, acupuncture can help to calm the person down. However, if your wife is taking medication for anxiety, an acupuncturist cannot do the acupuncture and tell her to get off the medication, but the acupuncturist will do the treatment and may even give her an herbal prescription and over a few times, your wife's doctor will slowly cut the medication down. In case she is not taking medication, acupuncture usually will work fast to control her symptoms. It depends on the severity of the condition. I see patients 1-3 times for acupuncture for two weeks or so and see how they respond and, according to that, I decide if they need herbal medicine or not. In some cases, I also tape a small seed on their ear to control their symptoms in between treatments.
Yes, acupuncture triggers the neurotransmitters in the brain to release chemicals that act as synthetic Rx do to reduce anxiety and/or depression. However, each person presents different response. It means it takes various visits. In general, after two sessions, a person will feel some improvement. We usually recommend 6 visits.

Acupuncture has worked very well with anxiety. I believe your wife can get a lot of benefit from the treatment as long as she is willing to try.

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Jonathan Fang
The short answer is yes. Besides "pain" I think that anxiety is the number one reason people come to see me. The practitioner will have to find the root of the issue from a Chinese medical viewpoint, but your wife should start to feel better very quickly.

It might also be helpful for you.

Acupuncture along with herbal medication are great tools to manage anxiety. I definitely recommend trying.

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Aleksandra Dianova, L.Ac.
Acupuncture works very well for anxiety, as does herbal medicine and certain homeopathic preparations that your acupuncturist may also have for you.
We have many patients that we treat for anxiety with acupuncture. It is important to identify the cause of anxiety. Is it due to stress, lack of sleep, menopause? These conditions can be addressed with acupuncture and I would recommend to make an appointment with an acupuncturist. Buying flowers might temporally ease her anxiety.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Absolutely yes. I specialize in treating mental health issues and I have seen anxiety melt away with treatment. It works much better if the patient is not medicated with pharmaceuticals and/or wants to terminate use (of their own volition) of such, as the medications have a detrimental long term effect. I have seen Chinese medicine do WONDERS for people suffering with this.

Acupuncture does help with anxiety and related symptoms. We try to treat the heart function to help the emotions as well as hormonal imbalances.


Scott Sang In LeeChun Am Acupuncture천암 한의원 
Absolutely. Acupuncture helps to regulate hormones and reduce adrenal stress, which contribute to anxiety.
Yes, acupuncture can relieve stress, calm down the nervous system, and stimulate positive energy.
Yes, I’ve had great results treating anxiety.


Amy Gendron, AP
Yes, acupuncture can help in treating anxiety symptoms. If combined with herbs, the result is more effective!
Yes acupuncture will help with her anxiety
Yes, acupuncture is an excellent therapy for anxiety. According to Chinese medicine each emotion corresponds to a specific emotion. For example the liver is associated with anger and frustration. The stomach is associated with worry. The kidneys are associated with fear and so forth.

We were made to experience each emotion but not get preoccupied with one. By balancing the organ with acupuncture treatments we balance the emotion.
Yes, it does.
Absolutely. A combination of herbs and Acupuncture can relax symptoms of anxiety and get to the root cause.
This is a common pattern in Acupuncture and can certainly be addressed. Gathering a medical history from the patient would be required for any further guidance, but we now know that Acupuncture increases Seratonin and Dopamine levels, which help the person feel more relaxed and happy. I hope this helps!
Absolutely! All acupuncture is beneficial for anxiety. If your wife has other complaints, she should express that to the provider on her visit.

Travis Buckmaster, L.Ac., PC
Yes. It's great way to calm and rebalance the body. Herbs are also prescribed in this situation. Both help tremendously.
Generally speaking, yes, acupuncture is very good treatment to calm down the nerves and feel more relaxed and a general feeling of well being.
Acupuncture can help. First we need to evaluate to determine the cause of the issue then we can decide the best course of treatment.
Yes! Acupuncture is number one for stress and anxiety. I would look into her sleep patterns, foods, and lifestyle too.
Absolutely! Acupuncture works wonders for stress and anxiety. I also use certain homeopathic remedies that specifically help that condition.
Yes, acupuncture has good results for anxiety and depression.
Yes, acupuncture is very effective for anxiety and panic attacks.
Possibly. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the person as a whole from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, & energetic levels. Sometimes this broader approach to searching for the root of a problem while treating the symptoms is a tool for change. Anxiety & stress are two areas that respond well for some people.
Absolutely. Acupuncture can alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and many other types of psychological distress.
Absolutely! In fact, emotional issues such as anxiety are some of my favorite things to treat because acupuncture is so effective for things like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.
Yes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help with anxiety. Also, reducing your sugar and caffeine intake will lessen anxiety.
Acupuncture is very relaxing and therapeutic. I see many patients for anxiety and stress. Some situations resolve with acupuncture alone, while others need supplementation.
Acupuncture is great in treating the symptoms as well as the underlining cause. We are trained to recognize the root cause and how to treat it.
Acupuncture is helpful for anxiety, but it is important to determine the cause of this anxiety.