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Does being obese affect your mental health?

I have obesity and get anxiety attacks too often. Does being obese affect your mental health?

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Yes obesity can affect your mental health and vice versa
Obesity can affect your mental health but a direct causal relationship has
not been established.
The mind and body are very intricately linked in their functioning. What happens in the body affects the mind and vice versa. For example, obesity could lead to diabetes which is linked with higher rates of mental health issues. Likewise, obesity could lead to sleep disorders such as sleep apnea which could also undermine your mental health. There may be many other metabolic and hormonal changes related to obesity that could affect mental health. The mind and body should be treated as two sides of the same coin, and both require full attention for the best results.
Yes, obesity can add to depression and anxiety that are underline. With that in mind, then exercise can help with all!! Plan for a brisk walk every evening for at least 45 mins.

Hope that helps
Dr Sangra