Internist Questions Vitamin D

Does sunscreen prevent me from absorbing vitamin D?

I have a vitamin d deficiency and very sensitive skin. Usually I burn after only 20-30 minutes of exposure. How can I make the most of sun exposure without doing harm to my skin?

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Yes, sunscreen will block Vitamin d absorption. You can try taking N-acetyl cysteine supplement 600 mg 2x/day to help avoid sunburns
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Certainly yes!

Alfredo Saggioro
Yes sunscreen can block the absorption of vitamin d. All you need is 10-20 mins of direct skin exposure to sunlight.
Because of your sun sensitivity I would advise oral vitamin D supplements daily. Sun block prevents almost all UVB.
Yes, you will NOT absorb vit D if you apply sunscreen.
Sunscreen does not prevent from any absorption other than helping you to avoid harmful effects of UV rays.
There may be other reasons to have low vit. D level along with calcium especially if it is too low.
Use of sunscreen does decrease the absorption as that is what it is meant to do. Also if you are dark skinned , the absorption is decreased. If you are prone to sunburn after 20-30 minute exposure, your best option is to be diligent in taking your vitamin D supplement and to take it with food as it is a fat soluble vitamin and is not absorbed as well on an empty stomach
You are right. vitamin D absorption is decreased by sunscreen. If you are north of atlanta there is not enough sun for vitamin D. you can take a supplement over the counter 5000(five thousand) units a day is a good dose. Avoid getting a sunburn, increases your risk of skin cancer