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Does yellow teeth ever mean tooth decay?

I have a yellow film on my teeth. Is it only discoloration or does it mean tooth decay?

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Yellow teeth can be a cause of a lot of different issues. Please talk to a dental professional who can help determine why you are experiencing discoloration. It can be anywhere from coffee stains or stains from smoking. You can also look into whitening options.

Thank you for your question.
Teeth derive their yellow coloring from the dentin which lies beneath and supports the enamel protective shell. Tooth decay is usually more grey than the enamel, not yellow; however often it is the same color and can only be detected with an x-ray or diagnostic laser instrument.
It does not mean decay, it means your teeth are not clean. That can result eventually in cavities and gum disease.
In your question you used the worm film. If it is a yellow film that can be removed with brushing this is not decay.
Decay will typically be very white if enamel is demineralized. Once the enamel is penetrated and the underlying dentin is exposed a yellow color will be apparent. Decay will then turn brown as the dentin begins to be eaten away by the bacteria.
A yellow coloration can be observed if you have limited enamel due to a developmental disorder, bulemia, or a diet high in acid.
Yellow film is not tooth decay. Visit your Dentist for evaluation and cleaning.
Not necessarily. Advise a dental visit for evaluation and treatment.
Not usually. I would say that there are exceptions to the rule but I think they would be very rare. The reason your teeth are yellow is because the Denton underneath the enamel is orange in color and in artificial lighting the enamel is translucent or clear and depending on the depth of the enamel in the particular area of the teeth that you notice the yellowing maybe very thin naturally. So in certain lights the tint of your teeth maybe giving you a false reading but you might think his decay. Have your dentist look at the shade of your teeth and make a comment about how strong you're brushing. You want to use a soft brush not a harsh brush or a stiff bristle brush in an attempt to try to get at A Brighter Smile when all you may be accomplishing is generalized erosion of the enamel which is so precious
Not really
If it is soft then decay. If not then it is plaque or could be stain.
Tooth decay can appear as many different colors. If your teeth are yellow it could be staining or it could indicate decay. You should see your dentist ASAP so if it is decay, it can be treated before it becomes worse.
Not typically. If the color of the teeth are yellow, this may be your natural color. If there is a film on your teeth, you need to do a better job of brushing and flossing. This film will certainly be filled with bacteria which can lead to decay in the future.
The yellow film on your teeth is more than likely plaque. If you can brush it away it is plaque. If the plaque is left on the teeth for a long enough time, the acids produced by the bacteria which live in the plaque can cause tooth decay.
If it’s a film, it might be plaque, but if the tooth is yellow itself, that’s probably just the color of your tooth; tooth decay is usually softer then normal, but not all decays are soft on the outside, especially when they are starting because usually caries are bigger in the dentin than in the enamel, so if you want to make sure it’s a good idea to get it checked by a dentist.
Sometimes, a yellow spot on your teeth may mean decay. However, you say you have a "yellow film" on your teeth. That would indicate to me that you are either not brushing them adequately or not brushing regularly or a combination of the two. Try a battery-operated or electric toothbrush TWICE a day. Put the brush against your back tooth and hold it there for 3-4 seconds. Then move it to the next tooth forward and hold it there for 3-4 seconds. Then move it to the next tooth in front and hold it there for 3-4 seconds. (See a pattern here?) When you've cleaned all of the outsides, start the same thing on the insides of your teeth. You do NOT need to push hard on the brush or use a firm toothbrush - this will only irritate your gums and make them recede away or will damage your enamel. And make sure you brush (gently) against your gums so you get and keep them clean, too. And see your dentist regularly for help keeping everything clean and healthy.
"Yellow film" on your teeth is most likely plaque that needs to be removed daily with a toothbrush and floss. Tooth decay is soft to the touch with a dental instrument.
Yellow teeth does not mean decay. However, if this yellow turns brownish then we are dealing with decay. Just be very deligent a out removing plaque from your teeth. My preference are sonic toothbrushes. Other wise I would not worry about it at all.