Cardiologist Questions Enlarged Heart

Don't want to have surgery for enlarged heart--any other options?

I am only 33 (male) but I have just been diagnosed with an enlarged heart after a chest x-ray. My doctor seems to think surgery is unavoidable. What other options are out there?

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Well before you get that far several things must be determined.

1). The type of x-ray performed with regard to position, if it's an AP view (anterior/posterior) then the heart shadow is almost always enlarged
VS. PA view.

2). Your medical history : high blood pressure (hypertension /htn), alcohol use, obesity, etc.

3). An ekg & echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) is needed to determine the size of the chambers, overall heart function & any parts of the heart walls that may not be moving well, etc.
This will give many clues to a possible diagnosis if your heart is truly enlarged.

4). If the echo is abnormal then more testing is needed : a stress test & depending on the outcome of that then a cardiac cath most likely will be needed to rule out some other causes.

So surgery is not the first option & it truly depends on the underlying cause.

Have your doctor refer you to a local cardiologist for further examination & treatment options asap.

I hope that helps you.
A chest X-ray is not enough to diagnose an "enlarged heart". We need more work up to determine why your heart could be enlarged (too many causes). Depending on the cause, specific therapy could be indicated (not always surgery). Ask your doctor to get an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) to see if your heart is actually enlarged and to see how strong it is working.
See a cardiologist and get an echocardiogram. Many times an enlarged heart on X-ray is a result of the heart being in relaxation mode and the lungs in expiration.

The chest xray can be misleading and you may not actually have an enlarged heart. You will need a ECHO(heart ultrasound to confirm this). If your heart is enlarged there are many treatments that do not involve surgery depending on the cause. Feel free to make an appointment (504) 662-3763.
It is impossible to answer your question without knowing more about your condition and about the proposed surgery.
See an Internist or cadiologist.You need an echocardiogram
Specific to your question the enlarged heart on CXR needs to be further evaluated and needs further testing before we could determine that it needs any intervention or not. I would start with non invasive cardiac testing to determine the structure and function of your heart.
Very limited information has been provided. If enlarged heart is associated with coronary artery disease (CAD) (blocked heart arteries), then you need coronary bypass surgery. If there is no CAD, then you can be treated with medications. If there is a heart valve problem, then you should follow your cardiologist's advice.
X-ray is not accurate for diagnosis of enlarged heart and mistakenly calls a lot of the hearts enlarged. First, you need an echo of your heart and most of the enlarged hearts with heart failure actually don't need surgery, it is only if the heart failure and enlarged heart is due to severe three vessel coronary disease or severe valvular heart disease that you need surgery. So before you worry about it, start with an echo.
This diagnosis should be confirmed with an echocardiogram. A chest X-ray is not a very reliable way to evaluate heart size.
As for surgery being unavoidable,that would depend on multiple factors: severity of symptoms, response to medical therapy, etc.
First, let me be clear, an xray is not a very reliable method for imaging the heart. It would require additional evaluation by ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY which is very easy to do and very diagnostic. If your heart is truly enlarged there may be other treatments required. But it must be established that your heart IS enlarged by a better modality.
With that level of information, it's impossible to give an accurate answer. I can only give my general opinion. I would see a cardiologist immediately and make sure to get an echocardiogram. Usually, chest x-rays are notoriously inaccurate when "enlarged heart" is diagnosed. Even when everything has been ruled out, weak heart can recover to full strength in many patients. Get evaluated.
There are many medications such as Entresto and Coreg.
But it all depends on your heart and the details.
Your description needs lot more details which means you need to be seen by a cardiologist
Surgery is never just for an enlarged heart.. rather for specific causes of enlarged heart like different valve diseases and an enlarged specific area of the heart called the septum and other causes like hypertension which does not require surgery..
You definitely need to see a cardiologist to have more of a definitive diagnosis made. The chest X-ray is not enough to determine what is going on with your heart, let alone decide on the need for surgery.
Hi, well an enlarged heart on chest X-ray is not sensitive or specific for heart disease. I recommend a good history, exam, and echocardiogram of the heart and that should give you all the answers. Let me know if I can further help.
There are many responses to having an enlarged heart which do not include surgery.
Best to have a thorough examination with a cardiologist to make a diagnosis and discuss all available options.
Surgery is not indicated for an enlarged heart unless there are valve issues.