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Extreme pain in elbow?

I pick up medical waste for a living. I have been having some pain when lifting containers. Yesterday, I picked up a heavy container and that was it. The pain was horrible. I can lift but a certain way I grab things (even a cup of coffee) I can't lift. I put a tennis elbow support on and take aspirin In hopes that will help. The pain feels like someone is putting a needle in my elbow.

Male | 66 years old
Complaint duration: About 3 to 4 days

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It sounds like it could be tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis which can be very painful. limiting reaching with that arm can help, wearing the tennis elbow strap all the time is also important. Of it persists then physical therapy and possibly a cortisone shot will help make it better faster.

You should probably see a dr to make sure that it is tennis elbow & that you didn't tear your biceps tendon at the elbow. They can discuss an injection & therapy if it is tennis elbow at that time

To answer this question more precisely, I would need much more information. Dominant or non-dominant arm, previous injury, location of pain, etc. However, the most common elbow problem is, as you mentioned, tennis elbow, or lateral (outside) elbow pain. This can be incapacitating pain, pins/needles, and not being able to even lift coffee. Treatment is rest, and this can occur with a wrist splint and/or tennis elbow brace, stretching wrist and elbow muscles multiple times a day, ice massage multiple times daily, sport creams (bio freeze), and topical Voltaren gel. The problem usually is self-resolving, but if pain persists, see an orthopedic surgeon for better diagnosis and perhaps injection or therapy prior to any surgery.
Good luck, and Happy New Year.
You probably have tennis elbow, which is a tendonitis of the muscles of the forearm that are used for gripping objects. The treatment is:

1. Advil, 3 tablets with each meal
2. A tennis elbow strap to be worn whenever gripping
3. Avoid gripping, and if you have to, make sure your palms are facing up or out, NOT DOWN
4. If the above doesn't work, you'll need a shot

Hope it helps!!

Dr. Bose
By the description it appears that you may have developed elbow tendinitis. You need to be evaluated by a specialist and be examined and have x-rays obtained. If this developed in the course of your work activities you are entitled to Worker's Compensation benefits and can receive treatment through your employer's Worker's Compensation insurance.
Sounds like tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis. It is probably the most common reason for atraumatic elbow pain on the outside part of the elbow. It is degenerative problem often made better with PT, sometimes dry needling or prp injection or rarely surgery.
Likely tennis elbow. You need an evaluation for possible injection.