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Hair pulling and hair fall?

I am 17 years old and doubting if I have hair fall or hair loss. For about six months now hair shedding fluctuated but is mostly within 75-90 including showering every day I showed to a derm in summer and he denied any hair loss and said fall maybe due to stress. I used to check hair fall by hair pull test but now it's becoming a mental condition. I pull it somewhat severely several times a day for minutes and about 3 times a week. I see 2-4 hair when I pull them and about 40-50 hair comes out in total. My dad has hair and he is 45 and my uncle on mom's side is balding but at 30+ age. I don't have any recession as of yet nor a change in hair density. Please advise me on how to overcome this hair fear and also check if I am potentially at risk of balding, thank you.

Male | 17 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: None
Conditions: Hairfall and hair pulling

2 Answers

If this has evolved beyond a physical condition to a mental condition, take a peak at this link...
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