Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Unprotected sex

Have I been infected sexually?

I had unprotected sex last week and I noticed small warts inside the tip of my urethra. What could that be and what should be done?

Male | 26 years old
Complaint duration: 3 days
Medications: none
Conditions: none

2 Answers

These are most likely either papilloma virus or herpes simplex. You can see your primary doctor or a urologist for identification and treatment options. Bear in mind that you are contagious with direct contact. It is always best to use a condom if you plan sexual contact. You may also want to consider testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. Sorry for your discomfort.

This is likely too soon for HPV to appear within a week. If warts, likely from earlier events. I suggest that you see a urologist to confirm what it is that you have. Probably not HPV.