Radiation Oncologist Questions Nose cancer

How can I prevent eye damage during radiation therapy for treating nose cancer?

I have been detected with nose cancer 1 month back and I am preparing for my radiation therapy to start. Since nose is very close to the eyes, how can I prevent the radiation from harming my eyes in the process?

9 Answers

We use an external lead eye shield to protect the eye with very little risk. The major concern is hastening cataract formation. If you already have had a cataract extraction, then that is no longer a concern.
A radiation oncologist will always avoid eye damage.
Yes your treating physician and team should be placing a lead shield over your eyes to prevent any unnecessary exposure to your eyes

You are correct
A lead Shield can be used over the eye to prevent radiation damage. Speak with your doctor about the options.
The eye protection will be provided by your radiation oncologist.
You cannot prevent it, only your radiation oncologist will do it. Ask your doctor how he prevents it.
Your Radiation Oncologist will place special eye blocks on your eyes to prevent any radiation from getting into your eyes.
To be honest, there is little you as a patient can do other than follow any instructions your Radiation Oncologist has given you. The biggest factor in how much dose your eyes get is how the treatment is planned. It would be very reasonable for you to ask your doctor how he or she is planning on sparing your eyes from excess radiation.
Your radiation doctor will know how to shield the normal vital structures. Make sure you are going to a center that has the IMRT/IGRT machine to provide conformal and targeted therapy.