Internist Questions Typhoid Fever

How can I quickly recover from typhoid?

I was diagnosed with typhoid about 2 weeks ago but i am still having a fever, headaches and feeling tired after antibiotics. Is there any way to feel better faster?

1 Answer

I assume you were in an ENDEMIC AREA -- Africa, South America, or some other "3rd world country" that lacks proper sanitation. If you REALLY have Typhoid Fever (most likely with positive blood cultures for SALMONELLA TYPHI bacteria), then you MUST take an antibiotic (like CIPRO of ZITHROMAX) that is active against the Typhoid bacteria. But it still may take for 2-4 weeks for you to get completely well. But this should do the trick if the bacteria is SENSITIVE to your antibiotic.

But, if you still have a very prolonged FEVER and are feeling sick, then you need to check for ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE, and maybe have a CT scan of the abdomen to r/o an ABSCESS that might require surgical drainage. This would be a scenario where the blood cultures reveal bacteria SENSITIVE to the antibiotic you are on, but you still have fever. An abdominal ABSCESS may not respond to just antibiotics, even though the bacteria shows sensitivity to your antibiotic. In this type of case, you must look for ABSCESS and drain it if it is found.

As for your SYMPTOMS, you may need to take Tylenol or an NSAID for the fever and headaches. As even proper antibiotic therapy will TAKE TIIME to get you well. But be SURE your antibiotic is active against SALMONELA TYPHI -- assuming THAT is what you have (again, this is usually proven with POSITIVE BLOOD CULTURES WITH ANTIBIOTIC SENSITIVITIES).