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How can one help a depressed sibling?

My sister has depression and I want to help her. How can one help a depressed sibling?

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The most important thing is to be supportive. Be there to hold your sibling and listen to the emotional pain and difficulties. Love unconditionally. At the same time, direct your sibling to get professional help. Would strongly encourage directing your sibling to a psychiatrist. Even offer to take your sibling to meet with a psychiatrist. The expert and enabled you to be maxim Lee supportive in a very positive way while guiding your sibling to effective interventions that will be based upon the acuity and intensity of the depression and help your sibling be safe and recover maximally.

Lance Steinberg MD, Inc.
Assistant Clinical Professor
UCLA (Geffen) NPI
You can provide her with support, engage her in activities if able, and
encourage her to seek treatment if she has not already done so.
Encourage her to see a mental health professional. the treatment depression often will be a combination of medication and psychotherapy.
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